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Oz Is Dead

Now what?

Oz is Dead, Now What?
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Oz is over. What now?

Well, if you are like us, you hated to see it go, and want to keep up with what those hottie actors are doing, DVD releases, etc. That's what we are here for!

So go on, post! Pictures, fanfic, icons, movie reviews, waxing poetic on the curve of Ryan O'Reily's ass, whatever. Just a couple of rules...

1) All posts must stay on topic...

2) Please don't be a fucking teeney.

3) Anything goes. Foul language, naked pictures, whatever. If you don't like that kind of stuff or if you are too young, look elsewhere. If you get offended by anything you shouldn't have been watching Oz in the first place.

4) Please don't flame each other. We aren't babysitters.

Not too complicated, right? So have fun, be bad good, and lust your little hearts away!

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