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Subject :
Date : 29th october 2004@11:19am


i am looking for more pics of ryan o'relly but i seem i cant find any good ones.

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Subject : Newbie bearing icons
Date : 22nd october 2004@7:46pm


Heya! As an aussie, I'm pretty new to the oz love. I've only seen a few eps, but I'm already hooked. Found a lot of dramatic images that I thought would make good icons, but aren't really sure if text choices are in character. If you don't think they are, plz let me know & why.

1. naked arse!Collapse )

Take whatever you want, & do what you like with em. Credit if you want, just don't claim as your own. And please let me know what you think/which you like.

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Subject : dean Group
Date : 19th october 2004@1:00am



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Subject : photos
Date : 9th october 2004@7:10pm


does anyone have pics of dean winters in OZ

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Subject :
Date : 4th september 2004@12:10am


if anyone's seen the Toby & Chris fanvid put to an instrumental version of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters," this icon should mean a lot. and if anyone happend to have that vid, send it my way?

feel free to take it, please credit dis_o_bedience

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Subject :
Date : 2nd september 2004@5:37pm


Good Luck to all of you in Florida... I hope all of you will be ok.

x posted to various communities.

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Subject :
Date : 31st august 2004@10:48pm


since i know there are plenty of fellow Pervy Dean Fanciers here, i wanted to point you all to the Dean Winters Fanlisting. i'm sure there are fanlisting for other actors/characters and possibly even the show itself over at TheFanlistings.org. enjoy!

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Subject :
Date : 25th june 2004@6:19pm


ganked from mikeyfish's post to oz_hbo:

"This Tuesday, June 29th, the episode of "The Jury" featuring OZ castmembers airs on FOX at 9 P.M. Here's TV Guide's description:

"Oz" alums are cast on a jury deciding the fate of a prison inmate accused of slaying a priest in a brawl behind bars. Kohler: Betty Buckley. Torres: Jon Seda. Harris: Eamonn Walker. Stasukitis: J.K. Simmons. McCarthy: Scott Winters. Gold: George Morfogen. Dwyer: Michael Kelly. Kravitz: James Urbaniak. Nixon: Leon Addison Brown."

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Subject : Cross Posted.
Date : 15th may 2004@10:53pm

I don't know if anyone else saw, but Mums (Poet) was on VH1's "Blender's 50 Worst Songs Of All Time." It's been playing all weekend, so I'm sure you'll be able to catch it if you haven't already.

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Subject : Hi there.
Date : 10th may 2004@8:26pm

mood : awake

Just a reminder that ozslash is in need of active members interested in posting their Fanfiction. Contrary to the community’s name, the fanfiction is not limited to only slash.
Everyone is welcome.

Subject : News On Dean Winters?
Date : 2nd may 2004@12:19am


Any news on his current/future projects?

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Subject : Kenny Spottings. [Cross Posted]
Date : 7th april 2004@9:46am

Anyone see Kenny in a recent commercial? Well, I think it's recent at least because I saw it for the first time a week ago. It's a commercial for a chocolate, I think it was Hershey's.

Also, Kenny was in an episode of Sex & The City, I don't know how many of you know that. He was in the episode "No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts" -- he didn't have any lines, but he was standing in a group of people when Samantha was introduced. :)

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Subject :
Date : 3rd april 2004@8:42pm

i had a chance to change my name. i changed the middle & last.
jaime for james robson, schillinger for vern schillinger. it was either that or lecter.
proof insideCollapse )

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Subject : Richie Jackson & BD Wong
Date : 27th february 2004@8:29am

mood : happy

Q made my day by bringing in a article fer me. I'm such a horrible fan girl- I kinda missed the point of the arcticle *snerk*

Although Wong, 43, who plays Dr. George Huang on NBC's Law&Order: Special Victims Unit, and partner Jackson, 38, decided to seperate, they continued to share custody of their 3 yr old son Jackson Foo Wong, who was born to a surrogate. The boy is the subject of Wong's book Following Foo, which chronicles the child's struggle for life after being born 11 weeks premature.

Wow. I didn't know he was gay.. I din't know he had a kid!
*knocks on her head* (makes the Miguel x Mukada angle that more plausable *snerk*)

Just thought I'd randomly share.

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Subject : Lee Turgesen sighting!
Date : 31st january 2004@5:03pm

mood : cheerful

I just saw the movie Monster, and Lee had a small part in it. I have to say he was terrific, and was absolutely riveting in his small part. The movie is worth seeing regardless of Lee, but given Lee was in it, I reccommend all Oz fans see it. :-)

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Subject : Australian Oz Fans
Date : 13th january 2004@7:35pm


Attention Australian Oz Fans!

Oz will start airing on SBS from March 3rd.

A bit late, seeing that I just watched the final Oz last month, but still! Hoooray! :-)

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Subject : Watch your favorite Vern moments tonight!
Date : 9th january 2004@4:49pm


Happy 49th birthday to J.K. Simmons

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Subject : I'm not afraid of that ghost!
Date : 17th november 2003@8:44pm

mood : accomplished

Sitting back and watching tv whilst eating dinner with the family- when what should my eyes fall upon!

Click the pic and tell me who guy on the very left is:

YES! Its non other then our beloved Leo Glenn- playing Winston in Ghost Busters!
I never realized it was him till just now- watching it.

Hee- point and snicker! He was turned into a cartoon character!

I used to watch this show as a kid! Thats so great!

Its amazing what Leo does in his spare time- by day he's the head of Oz- by night he's capturing ghosts and kicking StayPuffed Marshmellow mans!

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Subject : Hey.
Date : 15th november 2003@5:05pm

mood : complacent

Just a reminder about the community for Oz Slash. If you have any to share or would like constructive critism please join and post away.


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Subject :
Date : 4th november 2003@6:52pm

mood : chipper

Due on February 24th is Oz: The Complete Third Season. This three-
disc set will present all 8 third season episodes in fullscreen and
Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Surround. Extras include an audio
commentary with creator Tom Fontana and director Chazz Palminteri on
the episode "Unnatural Disasters," 22 minutes of deleted scenes,
episode previews and recaps. Retail is $64.98.

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